Pushing boundaries and swimming upstream

02.21.2020 – The date we committed to changing healthcare for good together.

It's not a coincidence that The Garage's rallying cry and focus for 2020 - swimming upstream - was echoed often in the 8th annual FUSE client user conference. This theme wove throughout a jam-packed day of dynamic presentations, learning sessions and networking as our users and partners learned how together we will tackle trends and challenges in the industry, even if we have to go against the mainstream. Taking place on Friday, February 21 at the Frost Science Museum in Miami, Florida, FUSE 2020 marks the day that we will always remember as the first step towards a new healthcare paradigm, allowing us to come together with our customers to go against convention and think creatively about the persistent problems facing healthcare.

The day began with an inspiring introduction by Dr. Phil Frost, Chairman and CEO of OPKO Health and patron of the Frost Science Museum. The museum made the ideal setting for the conference as its mission aligns directly with ours-aiming to "spark wonder and investigation" and "fuel innovation for the future."

Following Dr. Frost's remarks came a fascinating presentation on how The Garage focuses on specific guiding areas with partners to ensure success at all levels. This discussion was led by our vice president of customer success Alex Choquette. Alex described our hyper focus on meeting client needs and how we approach every partnership looking for new ways to innovate. She specifically addressed the many areas we review with clients when framing new partnerships, including care transitions, cost savings, care management, determinants of health, chronic disease management, quality of care and behavioral health.

The highlight of the morning came when Pranam Ben, our CEO and founder, offered a compelling keynote discussing how our company is ushering in a "new era" of healthcare, embarking on a journey with clients to "change healthcare-for good." Pranam and several special guests also explored three objectives that serve as a constant guide for our work: empowering a clinically intelligent network, reinventing population health and enabling digital tools. He further expressed the importance of having a GOAT-greatest of all time-mindset and outlined the ways our team continuously pursues this level of performance, describing how the following additional acronym serves as a loadstar:
G-grit over genius
O-optics with options
A-amplify our core
T-time management

He also outlined where our technology stands versus others in terms of user experience. The system usability scale (SUS), employed by technology companies everywhere, assesses how user-friendly certain solutions are. According to SUS, Google sits at a 93% while most EHRs hover around 45%. Following the SUS model, we determined our ranking is around 63%--showing that although we've made significant progress towards user experience goals, we still have a way to go.

Pranam briefly shared the stage during the keynote, inviting guests like Henry Munoz, III and Ramon DR. Tallaj from SOMOS Community Care to share how they’re making better connections between doctors and patients in New York. The two noted that as part of their partnership with The Garage SOMOS has seen nearly a 12% savings per patient per month.

Later in the afternoon, during a presentation called "Customer story lines that made a difference" we heard from several clients about how they are using our tools and where they've seen success. SOMOS covered how they segment communications to various patient population groups, drawing them into care. CBH Care discussed how it is better able to get a handle on its costs using a custom-designed referential cost aggregate system. Other organizations that spoke included Collaborative Health Systems (CHS) and Select Physician Associates.

A fun-filled FUSE tradition followed these presentations. This year the Garage Tank asked participants, "if you could design a digital assistant, what would it do?" Winners suggested such innovations as an automatic food and health tracker; an email summary aggregator and responder; and a to-do list prioritization and consolidation helper. The winners each had prize money donated to the charity of their choice.

Along with Garage Tank, the CEO Chat provided even more opportunity for attendees to engage with The Garage and learn more about our philosophies. Pranam talked about his vision and goals for the company. He also announced a major milestone, sharing that we have quadrupled our number of partnerships and become the population health platform of choice for more than 100 healthcare organizations. With this growth, we now reach more than 14 million patient lives and have doubled the total number of users on the Bridge platform.

After the day's programmatic events concluded, it was time for some fun. Attendees explored the museum, took in a laser show and networked over dinner. There were even some surprise appearances by our talented staff who performed musical numbers, dance routines and an improv show!

The excitement permeating FUSE 2020 was palpable, as our staff and clients shared their enthusiasm and passion for transforming healthcare. Overall, the day was highly motivating and strengthened our commitment as a company to think creatively and swim upstream to radically change healthcare for the better.