The Garage celebrated 10 years with its partners and healthcare heroes at Fuse X located at the House of Blues Orlando. The event, which was the largest Fuse yet, hosted 60 partners and prospects in-person and 270 virtual attendees. Fuse X allowed our partners and prospects to learn about what the Garage is up to, our new partnerships, and hear from other partners on how we helped offer solutions to the day-to-day problems they have been facing.

Founder and CEO Pranam Ben looked back at the last ten years and detailed who the Garage is and how the Garage has grown from 2 ACO contracts on day 1 to today where we work with ACOs, DCEs, FQHCs, IPAs, Health Systems, and Payers. The Garage now manages 15.4 million lives, almost 19,000 NPIs across 32 states, and close to 3 petabytes of data managed on our infrastructure. Pranam announced the Garage's partnership with LabCorp which is in the process of finalizing terms for a national preferred partnership that will expand access to The Garage platform and advance the use of lab data in managing population health (includes monitoring rising risk patients, meeting quality requirements, and supporting health equity). Throughout the day we heard from our healthcare heroes and how Garage's innovations have helped them create better relationships with their patients and achieve positive clinical outcomes, operational success, and revenue savings.

During Pranam's keynote speech he talked about what is currently in the works at the Garage and what our partners can look forward to in the future.

Bridge X, Simple and Quicker Workflows for a better Doctor/Patient Experience
The beta version of Bridge X was announced which consolidates the 15 apps in Bridge 5.2.1 into just 6, eliminating redundancy, combining workflows and functions, aggregating data, and simplifying the entire experience. While Bridge 5.2.1 is web-based, Bridge X is a desktop app for your computer.

Coeus – The AI brain of Bridge X
This AI learning engine will drive the population health management experience of tomorrow. Coeus analyzes patient data and gives our partners a look into what patients should be seen, if asynchronous methods are recommended for those touchpoints, what could directly impact costs and savings, and what can change quality outcomes across the board.

A Digital Front Door for Patients powered by Engage
Formerly named Pulse, the Garage announced the rebranded phone app now called Engage during Fuse X. Driven by an incentive mechanism, with this app patients can access their medical records and critical information such as prescriptions and upcoming appointments and can redeem tokens towards rewards.

Centralized Data Engine, Genome
Currently two years in the building process, Genome will be a centralized data engine that will be able to aggregate, cleanse, create, and prepare date for population health management. Once the building process is complete, it will consolidate data, normalize it, and give a longitudinal experience to Garage customers.

VP of Community Engagement Maria Kordit introduced three of Garage's partners Middletown Medical, SOMOS, and FLIPA and invited them to discuss how they each utilize the BlazeCare Communicator tool for different facets of their businesses. Middletown Medical discussed how the communicator has helped with patient engagement for scheduling appointments and getting patients in to close care gaps; SOMOS was able to utilize the tool for COVID-19 test result alerts via automated messaging to meet the needs of New York State Department of Education; and FLIPA was able to reduce the number of un-engaged patients from 25% to 17% in just 12 months leading to a VBP add on bonus result.

VP of Customer Success, Alex Choquette, talked with Community Care Collaborative about their data warehouse which houses over seven payer integrations and supported by Garage to allow In-System dashboards and data transparency to make effective decisions where they can make a difference, provide better quality of care, and lower costs – such as saving up to 35% in Part B costs with a 340b pricing program.

Director of Customer Success, Dustin Telfare Tuttle, spoke with SOMOS about how they utilize the Bridge's GRID to address SDOH requirements of their full risk VBC arrangements, and build a trusting relationship with Community Based Organizations and referred patients. This has allowed patients to benefit from access and support for the appropriate resources tied to Housing and Food Insecurity interventions.

Entrepreneur, coach, and writer Nick Kennedy joined the Garage at Fuse X and spoke about overcoming obstacles and becoming a successful entrepreneur. Nick faced adversity at 16 years old when his father was arrested in their home and ultimately imprisoned. He developed his career through the years as a business development manager for EDS and went on to build multiple healthcare-centered businesses such as Galvanon (acquired by NCR), Global Health Grid, and Eviti, Inc. (both acquired by NantHealth, Inc.) all while maintaining prison visits with his father.

In 2014, he founded RISE Air after accumulating over two million airline miles and losing family time and productivity as a result. The private airline connected busy business executives with private plane operators and redefined travel to help regain control of wasted time. The service provided a 10x better experience at 10x less cost of flying private. The company, which was acquired in 2017 by Surf Air had served thousands of travelers upon its acquisition.

Today, Nick is an entrepreneur and executive life coach with his company Nick Kennedy Coaching and is author of book The Good Entrepreneur: An Insider's Guide to Building a Principled Business and a Powerful Personal Legacy. Fuse X Guests received copies of his book and Digital Life Operating System which offers a three-step plan to create a system to get desired results.