Our customers' success is a natural obsession

"The Garage will give us a view to both where we have been, and where and how we might adjust our course, financially, clinically, and administratively through better referral choices, different site of care possibilities, and different clinical paths available to physicians and patients."
Cliff Frank,
Executive Director,
Shore Quality Partners

"We look forward to a long partnership with The Garage and believe the platform will help bridge the gap between our providers and our patients."
Dr. Ramon Tallaj,
Chairman of the Board of SOMOS Community Care

"Not only is the Bridge platform best-in-class but the Garage also has the right mix of experience & expertise with technology, data & services to be our ideal partner as we serve very diverse, value-driven care needs and help our providers scale across multiple markets."
Jeramey Ward
Director of Data & Analytics,
Value Based Analytics,
HCA Healthcare

"The Garage has empowered our ACOs. The tools and insights in the platform helped our care teams take timely decisions that has resulted in a superlative performance in 2019 and to put it bluntly, it was part of our core strategy. The platform is indispensable for our providers and continues to drive our growth strategy as we expand our membership in the coming years."
Pawan Shah
Select Physicians Associates