Our customers' success is a natural obsession

“Throughout our search for a technology partner, we were consistently impressed with The Garage and its unique understanding of our clients’ needs. We truly feel that our partnership will not only greatly benefit our clients, but ultimately improve the thousands of lives that our ACOs touch.”
Dr. Don Klitgaard,
CEO and Chief Medical Office,
MedLink Advantage

"The Garage not only met all our threshold criteria but exceeded our expectations on the offered intangibles. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with the Garage team."
Dr. Alex Foxman,
President and Chief Medical Officer,
National ACO

"We selected to partner with The Garage because of the versatility of their platform and their ability to centralize data analytics for multiple risk programs"
Dr. Nazmul Haque
Founder and CEO,
Reliance ACO

"We want to empower wise and secure use of patient data that leads to better health, and for these purposes, the Garage’s platform is a perfect fit"
Gregory S. Henderson
MD, PHD, President,
BioReference Laboratories