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"The Garage improved my care gaps workflow by simplifying input and providing a member view that makes it easy to see all the applicable measures in one place. No more toggling between spreadsheets! The new workflow has given me back time to focus on outreach to more members."
- Catera Davall, Team Lead, HCDI

"The Garage has been instrumental in our coordination of care for our hospital discharges by providing a connection with HIE in Florida as well as in Alabama for our ACO. They have organized the information into the portal in the TCM app. We are excited to be able to offer easy access to information about admissions, ER visits, and readmissions of patients to our provider offices. This allows coordinators to contact the patients quickly to establish the TCM visit and coordinate discharge care."
- Andrea Cauthen, CMA, CCMA, Director, Select Physicians Associates, LLC, Five Star ACO, LLC

"Knowing more and knowing early about the patients is key to success in HCC-MRA Coding and that is exactly what DeRisk App helps us with. DeRisk App is one source to see a consolidated list of all chronic conditions assessed and billed by PCP, Specialists and Hospitals in the past 3 consecutive years, and this has helped our clinicians to diagnose our patients better and help them and the ACO to achieve better health outcomes."
- Arvind Chikile, Vice President, Quality and Risk Management, Select Physicians Associates, LLC, Five Star ACO, LLC

"The Communicator has contributed to improving the non-user engagement and helping us in achieving our goal. I believe the communicator was a good tool in helping me reach out to individuals, the communicator messages are immediate, personal and I felt with just those two factors the individual read the message and responded back fast."
- Shelarina Buntley, Clinical Improvement Specialist, Jordan Health FQHC

"Not only is the Bridge platform best-in-class but the Garage also has the right mix of experience & expertise with technology, data & services to be our ideal partner as we serve very diverse, value-driven care needs and help our providers scale across multiple markets."
- Jeramey Ward, Director of Data & Analytics: Value Based Analytics, HCA Healthcare

"We selected the Garage's Bridge platform as the population health IT solution for HCA's Florida Care Partners statewide CIN based on the combination of robust applications and features along with pricing that made it an easy choice when compared to other vendors we evaluated. Maria Kordit, VP of Customer Success led us through an excellent implementation and we are looking forward to leveraging the full potential of the platform to drive performance under our value based payer agreements. "
- Jennifer Mason , Director of Finance & Analytics, Florida Care Partners

"Garage and the Garage Team are the best in the business! Customer service consistently exceeds expectations, the platform is beautiful and easy to learn. Our participants have access to excellent trainers and every request for customization has been met. I highly recommend Garage. "
- Marguerite Tuthill, Director, Value-based Contracting & Data, Community Care Alliance

"I am really enjoying the workflow provided via the Garage to work ADT notifications much better than my previous workflow. I actually have been completing my work faster and was able to ask my supervisor if I could help her with any additional projects this week because I finished my day early! I used to keep what I called my work journal or my list of patients for status checks and 30 day post discharge follow ups. Now that I am working in Bridge, this list has been made out for me and has definitely saved me a lot of time. Garage has worked diligently to cater the system to our needs, and I have no doubt that the program will be improved as we work together into the future. "
- Karen Sanderson, Care Manager, Complete Health

"The Bridge has made the collection and interpretation of patient data easy, greatly improving our ACO’s ability to manage our patient population."
- Melissa Rodriguez, LPN, ACO Nurse Care Coordinator, Quality Healthcare Development & Liberty Doctors, LLC

"The Garage is a innovative company. When we want to try something new, their usual response is 'anything is possible; let’s work it out together'. They listen to what our organization truly needs and take it on to help us succeed. We recently asked them to think about how we can get substance abuse detox admissions into our warehouse and then send out an alert to their primary care providers, which Garage is already working on implementing. The entire team’s responsiveness to our requests and questions shows how much they truly value our partnership and their expertise in the value based care industry is apparent."
- Dr. John Gillespie, CMO, Finger Lakes IPA

"I wanted to thank each of you and other members of your team for the fast turnaround in updating the vaccine scheduler for us. Due to your outstanding efforts, we are fully prepared to handle the logistics and ensure the experience of getting vaccinated is safe and convenient for our patients."
- Darcy L Shepard, Chief Executive Officer, Middletown Medical, NY

"In my own personal effort to focus less on the computer, and more on the patient, my work model relies heavily on the support of a virtual scribe/medical assistant. The Containers application meshes exceptionally well with this work model. It is my scribe who is almost exclusively the member of my team interfacing with the Containers app to access all of the important and outstanding care gaps and quality measures, such as mammograms, annual wellness visits, colonoscopies, etc, that the patient in front of me in the exam room is due for, information which my scribe, following our already well-established work flow, is able to seamlessly bring to my attention in real time at the point of care. Containers seems like a near ideal realization of useful software in that I, the practitioner, and intended “end-user”, barely knows is there, and yet, in the background, it is helping me to both optimize patient care as well as revenue. I look forward to its ongoing evolution."
- Dr. Jonathan Weiss, Middletown Medical, NY

"My sincerest thanks to the Garage team for standing this platform up in a very short period of time. It has been a great way to communicate with our patients, especially when news (and the logistics that are impacted) changes by the minute. Your platform allowed us to scale communication and deliver it in atimely manner."
- John Dionisio, Chief Information Officer, SOMOS Community Care

"This is the second year that we have partnered with the Garage to meet our reporting needs for the CMS Web Interface quality measures extraction. Their robust Care gaps application coupled with data extracted from our practices' EMRs are critical to our organization's ability to meet our quality goals for 2020. This collaboration has streamlined our workflow and lessened the reporting burden for ACO members. We look forward to continuing to work with the Garage in improving our ability to deliver and report on key quality metrics across our various practices and patient populations."
- Nancy Scroggs, MSN, RN, CNL, Director of Care Management, Medlink Advantage

"Every crew needs a navigator and The Garage has been a fantastic way finder for us. The Bridge has given us our bearings and a clear direction with improving value in care."
- Sharma Vaughn, Executive Director, Community Care Alliance

"We have been impressed with the flexibility and extensibility of the Bridge platform. With 5.2.0, we look forward to a new version that promises to build on the great experience we have had to-date."
- Lissa Lara, CEO, Freedom Healthcare Alliance

"The Garage has a comprehensive toolset that we can leverage to address the most challenging needs in senior housing and post-acute care."
- Mark Hansen, CEO, Santé

"With the patient at the forefront, we sought a proven solution that enables our teams to provide optimal care coordination, reporting and patient satisfaction, and we found that in The Garage. Our collaboration with the Garage will allow us to drive better care and services, while simultaneously moving the needle on key business objectives like decreasing costs and improving value."
- Joe Taylor, Executive Director, Community Care Collaborative

"My experience with Telehealth has been wonderful, the image and the sound are optimum and when patients get to understand it they greatly appreciate it."
- Victor Bulnes, PA

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