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The Future of Care is Collaborative

Leading with Data to Build a New, Collaborative Community Care Model

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

According to the American Federation for Suicide Prevention, 130 Americans die by suicide each day. Suicidal thoughts can affect just about anyone regardless of age, race, gender, or background and are often the result of an untreated mental health condition.

How ACOs Can Lead the Way in Adoption of Population Health Tools

As healthcare payers, providers, patients and thought leaders consider ways to reduce the cost of care and improve outcomes, accountable care organizations (ACOs) have emerged as a viable model to achieve those goals.

Community Hospital Strategies for Population Health

With all eyes on COVID-19 and the herculean efforts and sacrifices made by our caregivers and healthcare institutions, the quickly shifting ground beneath community hospitals may have gone largely unnoticed.

The Airport Model: An Innovative Approach to Value-Based Healthcare

With a current total spend of $3.3 trillion that is estimated to balloon to $5.5 trillion by 2025, the healthcare industry is in the midst of an uncontrollable spiral—especially since $750 billion of the outlay is spent on duplicative or unnecessary services.

A Year-End Review: What We’ve Accomplished and Where We’re Headed

The beginning of the year presents a prime opportunity to take stock of the previous year and look ahead to the new one. For accountable care organizations (ACOs), 2018 has been a year of growth.

Applying Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Focusing on Outcomes versus Architecture

There is a lot of buzz right now around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning—and the value of these next generation solutions in healthcare.

Single-click access: A new way to power population health

"Knowledge is power." That is such a commonly used quote that sometimes we forget the true value of its meaning. For The Garage, however, it is a superb expression of the reason behind everything we do.

What is your #ACOInspiration?

At The Garage, we often ask ourselves what inspires us to strive to develop the best population health management platform on the market. The answer – from across our executive leadership to our engineers and developers

Connecting Far-Flung Facilities Through PHM Tools Essential for National ACO

Like many Accountable Care Organizations with multiple locations, National ACO was in need of a single source provider to aggregate clinical and administrative data from multiple sources, providers and systems

3 ways to make your population health ecosystem more transparent

The population health ecosystem can be massive. When patients acquire more chronic conditions, their movement within the ecosystem is more active as they more frequently visit specialists, hospitals, rehabilitation therapists and skilled nursing facilities, among other providers.

What origami can teach us about population health management

My daughter and I were recently learning about origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. As we were working on designs together, I found myself becoming very frustrated.

3 reasons why population health data will be the new stethoscope

The stethoscope is synonymous with physicians and healthcare. This instrument, created about 200 years ago in France, hasn’t changed much since it was created.

Helping you manage patients after they walk out the door

Perhaps the biggest risk accountable care organizations (ACOs) and other integrated organizations face to their care quality and financial performance is what happens when their patients walk out the door.

Cleaning up the population health management ecosystem for better care

Chief Platform Officer, Jessica Robinson, discusses how patients and providers are contributing to the improvement of the healthcare ecosystem

Guest blog: The Garage partners with Prime Accountable Care for better reporting just in time

Diane Blackburn from Prime ACO, talks candidly about her journey to partnering with The Garage and the impact it’s had on her business, physicians and patients.

FUSE 2018 kicks off a year of explosive growth

Our CEO, Pranam Ben, discusses the most talked about topics covered at last month’s FUSE and how they will impact healthcare in 2018.

Make telehealth a priority in 2018 to overcome SDOH

In follow up to our recent HIStalk article, our VP of Platform Management talks overcoming social determinants of health by incorporating telehealth into your array of services.

Take population health management beyond the EHR in 2018

As 2017 ends, it is time for all of us to reflect on our accomplishments and set goals for the coming year. To aid in that process, I would urge you to consider one idea for your organization in the next 12 months: Get rid of your electronic health record (EHR) system.

2018 ACO Wish List

As the holidays draw near, our VP of Product Management & Delivery, Jessica Robinson, highlights a few of the most sought-after items (or goals) on the top of many ACOs and CINs' wish lists this year

Show me the money: Tips for becoming a high-performance ACO

At the National Association of Accountable Care Organizations (NAACOS) fall conference in October, there was naturally a lot of discussion among attendees about managing patient populations.

Hot topics from NAACOS

The National Association of Accountable Care Organizations (NAACOS) wrapped up its Fall 2017 Conference earlier this month in Washington, D.C, with reportedly more than 650 ACO leaders in attendance.

Q&A with the Boss: The Garage’s Pranam Ben talks about BioReference partnership and what it means for you

On September 19, we announced that The Garage had formed a national partnership with BioReference Laboratories, an OPKO Health company and one of the largest commercial laboratories in the United States. For a closer look, we spoke with our founder and CEO Pranam Ben about the new partnership’s short- and long-term impact and the opportunities this brings to providers and patients.

Apple Watch -Thinking beyond the hype

With the announcement of the new Apple Watch there is a lot of buzz and talk about the possibilities for further healthcare integration. The watch is able to collect basic information such as the user's pulse, calorie intake and quantity of steps, and share that data with Apple's HealthKit. This app, which is a standard feature of iOS 8, can store vital information and aggregate health data from various wearable devices...

How to Coordinate Care For Your Accountable Care Organization?

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) initiated a movement in healthcare towards community-wide coordinated care systems. Today, the majority of these new systems are recognized as Accountable Care Organizations (ACO). Their objective is to provide population-wide, ....

What's your Mobile IQ?

Enterprises have been blindsided by the rapid adoption of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets by consumers. Across the world customers are using their smartphone devices to shop for clothes, goods and accessories, make travel reservations and hotel bookings, read product reviews and browsing product catalogs on their tablet devices. They are paying for goods using mobile payment solutions like PayPal....

Three Critical Technology Components

Three Critical Technology Components of an ACO and What a CIO Can Do