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Predicting and Preparing for Healthcare’s Future

Amid the considerable uncertainty in healthcare, organizations are trying to pin down the future to more effectively allocate resources and prepare for what’s to come. Unfortunately, there is no crystal ball that clearly shows what’s in store and how to lay the groundwork for success.

However, given the current dynamics influencing healthcare today, there are a few trends that rise to the surface as ones on which to focus.

Fill out this form to unlock the three key trends that will undoubtedly shape healthcare’s future and discover how to ready your organization for what’s next.

What you will learn:

  • The role seamless interoperability, point-of-service business intelligence and advanced data analytics play in enabling value-driven care
  • Why current efforts in the above areas are falling short
  • Key strategies that will accelerate meaningful progress
  • The significance of outliers, and how organizations can use technology to respond to them

Transforming an ACO into a High-Performing Organization

Many ACOs struggle to achieve and sustain reliable clinical outcomes and solid financial performance. This is due in part to a continued focus on completing defined tasks to close care gaps—something that is required for ACO participation.

However, to realize long-term clinical and financial success, ACOs must look beyond these immediate tasks and embrace the idea of comprehensive and consistent care coordination.

What you will discover:

  • The differences between foundational and high-performing ACOs
  • The drivers pushing ACOs to pursue next-level performance
  • The importance of accurate risk adjustment, 360-degree patient engagement and a robust provider network
  • The role collaborative technology plays in facilitating a new approach
  • And more!