Transforming the Continuum of Care for Value Based Medicine Through Innovative Population Health Management Technology

The Garage announced the availability of the latest version of its Artificial Intelligence integrated Population Health Management platform, BRIDGE 4.0 at the upcoming NAACOS 2017 spring conference in Baltimore, MD from April 6-7. BRIDGE 4.0 uses advanced technology such as machine learning to allow Providers, Patients, Administrators and Care managers to interact with each other in real time to harmonize care coordination, patient engagement, deep clinical insights and population health management.

"We looked at more than 40 different platforms before we finalized on Bridge and the Garage. There's no system like it that aggregates data and gives us true insights. Our provider engagement has stepped up in a big way since adopting bridge and we are looking forward to a long partnership with the amazing crew at the Garage," said Diane Blackburn, Executive Director, Prime ACO in Michigan.

The Garage's experience in value based delivery models such as ACOs goes deep. With a 6% market share, the Garage's ACO clients have consistently demonstrated an annual saving of close to $3M which is three times the national average. Bridge has also delivered a 95.6 percent average quality score which is one of the highest in the country. As of March 2017, Bridge manages more than 250,000 MSSP lives across 6 states that covers all tracks, including track 3. "We take pride and are obsessed with our customers' success. With the right culture and engagement, we can guarantee savings and success to any ACO in the country," said Pranam Ben, Founder & CEO of the Garage.

"Bridge has a unique way of integrating and making sense of actionable data from multiple sources. It's very easy to use and brings all population health management features together in one platform. We look forward to using it across our entire network and manage our at-risk population," said Steve Christoff, Executive Director of Select Physicians ACO in Florida.

Come and join the Garage at NAACOS 2017 in Booth M to find out more.

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